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Guilty Pleasures : Wii Fit

Cart: Wii Fit
Cab: Wii
Coin: Nintendo

Look, let’s get one thing out of the way – this isn’t as bad as Wii Music, so including it as one of my ‘guilty pleasures’ leaves me with some small semblance of street cred, right? It could be worse, couldnt it?

Nintendo started off the fitness genre proper with Wii Fit, which was followed by dozens of very poor clones. Criticised for symbolising Nintendo’s apparent over catering to the casual market, Wii Fit was dismissed as little more than a collection of mini games dressed up as fitness exercises, with its Apple-esque design overtones alienating many a long time Nintendo fan.

Now, all that may be completely true, and the Yoga and other body exercises barely more effective than an exercise video, but many of the mini games were (whisper it) really rather fun, not to mention addictive.

It is in the balance games and aerobics sections that the decent games can be found, with games like Table Tilt, Ski Jump, Tightrope Walk and Rhythm Boxing still getting gaming time in our household today.

So yes, it may have been a big indicator on Nintendo’s new direction and is vaguely anti-gaming, but Wii Fit does have a few things to offer aside from its fitness aspirations.

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  1. Who ARE you and what have you done with Simon?!

    • Don’t worry, my Call of Duty Ghosts review goes up tonight- the grumpy old man will return

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