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Guilty Pleasures : Toy Story 3

Cart: Toy Story 3
Cab: Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii / PC / Mac 
Coin: Avalanche Software

The Pain

To be perfectly honest with you, as far as pre-school toys go, this really isn’t that bad at all. It does, after all, do what it says on the tin.

No, dear Voxelites, the pain to be felt here is from the fact that you are quite literally forced to endure a game that you would have otherwise completely blocked-out of your life for fear of being ridiculed by any mortal being that ever noticed it nestled snugly between COD and GTA in your proud man-collection.

As if it’s not bad enough having your kids force CBeebies upon you at ungodly hours (not to mention a large portion of the perfectly humane parts of the day), when you do eventually get to turn the mind-numbing bilge off, your only respite is having a jam-encrusted gamepad thrust into the palm of your hands by a tiny version of yourself that’s happily waddling around with a bag of poo strapped around its waist.

The Pleasure

I love it. Every last little joyous, creative, playful, irreverent, inspired bit of it!

From beating the Evil Dr Pork Chops to a pulp with boingy balls to enlarging Bullseye with special pink goo, this is a complete blast from beginning to end. Not content with crafting a series of superb movie-inspired levels that can be played either alone or in old-school split-screen, the game also features a huge, open-world sandbox that’s more cowboy than Red Dead, more joyride than GTA and more alive than the two combined. Genius.

And, best of all, as we’re bundled up on the couch together playing the Buzz Lightyear level for the millionth time, it reminds me that whether they smell of poo or not, my kids are pretty amazing too.

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