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Guilty Pleasures : Starfox Adventures

Cart: Starfox Adventures
Cab: Gamecube
Coin: Rare

The Pain

Rare’s last ever game for Nintendo, aside from a Gameboy Advance game or two, Starfox Adventures was a disappointment on many levels. It had nothing to do with Starfox or his universe, as it was developed as a new IP for the N64 before having the Starfox crew hastily imported, and as a linear version of Zelda with none of the challenge or charm, padded out with item collection, many Nintendo fans consider this to be the dark sheep of the Rare/Nintendo family.

The PleasureStarFox Adventures Review

It was simple and straightforward, yet I really enjoyed the adventure as a whole. The world and its areas were limited and linear, yet beautiful and a joy to explore, and the classic Starfox flight sections broke it all up nicely. The combat was relaxing yet satisfying, the characters quietly comical, and the whole thing was gorgeous to look at, with the story moving along at a brisk pace.

I may be in a tiny minority, but I am glad Rare made this game, and it is at the top of my list of games that I loved, yet pretty much everyone else hated.

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  1. Ha I loved this game! Took me ages to get off the first level for some reason though…clearly a senior moment…

    • @Luke Martin VA Ah, there are two of us then! I would love to see an updated HD version of this, although it is never ever, gonna happen. I may actually install dolphin on my PC and go through it on that 🙂

      • @Simon Burns
        Alongside MarioKart and Mario Sunshine, it’s the third game I bothered to keep for the GC – says something! My boys love it 🙂

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