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Guilty Pleasures : Deadly Creatures

Cart: Deadly Creatures
Cab: Wii
Coin: Rainbow Studios

The Pain

Criticised for the fact that the adventure mode is all the game has, aside from the bug collecting that unlocks some concept art, Deadly Creatures was also attacked for its plodding play, graphical glitches, lack of variety and bosses that overstay their welcome.

The Pleasure

Deadly Creatures tells a great story, with Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton providing the voices for two human characters that the scorpion and tarantula protagonists sometimes encounter. The creepy atmosphere, fantastic traversal play where you go underneath, around and inside 3D objects, and combat that was really satisfying, all helped to make this short-but great adventure one of the most memorable I played on the Wii. There are plenty of great moments, and brilliantly designed levels, and although most of the gaming world has forgotten it, Deadly Creatures is still well worth a play through if you can hunt it down. I remember when Eurogamer gave this a 4, proving why scoring reviews is such a terrible idea.

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  1. What a great concept! Never really come across this before – must be losing my touch!

  2. My son saw this video and literally when nuts what with being a complete freak for spiders and insects and stuff. Game: ordered. Dad points: banked!

    • @Luke Martin VA You will love it, they mocapped real insects to get the movements right. Take your time with it though as it is only 6 hours or so long.

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