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Guilty Pleasures : Cybermorph

Cart: Cybermorph
Cab: Atari Jaguar
Coin: Attention to Detail

Now, this is one of those games that you remember well from your youth, yet when you revisit it, the experience is less than enthralling.

That was how I felt about Cybermorph when I first came back to it, after dusting off my old Atari Jaguar. What felt light and breezy in the hand, many years ago, now felt clunky, awkward and slow, and I found myself agreeing with the many critics of the game.

Yet, I still played this for five hours flat, as it is still strangely compelling and, in its own unique way, beautiful.

Perhaps it is the still-impressive morphing animation, or the fact that, due to the laughably poor engine (by today’s standards), the alien worlds really do look otherworldy, with strange colours and weird landscapes of the type that you only ever find in these retro classics. And Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

The game lurches from being ridiculously easy to painfully difficult and unfair, but finding those pods, exploring the bizarre landscapes and wrestling with that awful Jaguar control pad is, perhaps, more intriguing and interesting today than it ever was, if only for the reason that games just don’t get made like this anymore.

If you do decide to track it down, try to get the 1993 release, as the 1994 version was missing several important elements.

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  1. I remember having this game. I used to think it was the bees knees, but I couldn’t even imagine going back to it nowadays.

  2. It is clunky-tastic

  3. Back in the Day When your system came with a Game!

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