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Guilty Pleasures : Bullet Witch

Cart: Bullet Witch
Cab: Xbox 360
Coin: Cavia

Welcome to the first in a new series of articles exploring some of our most guilty of gaming pleasures.

We all like a highly polished, critically acclaimed game and, perhaps more importantly, are more than happy to be seen playing one, but there’s skeletons in all of our virtual closets. Here we aim to air them without fear of recrimination. First up: the 2006 Xbox 360 exclusive, Bullet Witch.

The Pain

Widely slated as being a very short, uninspired, repetitive and distinctly last-gen experience, this manga-inspired, single-player only oddity failed to impress in the early days of the 360, merely filling the gap for a small number of diehard shooter fanatics. Playing as Alicia Claus, you hunt an endless stream of demons and zombies whilst wielding the rather phallic “Gunrod” and by casting a range of nine elemental spells. Poor AI and uninspired level design were the major gripes people had with the game alongside the rather derivative use of yet another ‘sexy manga chick’. Were it not for the relative lack of games on the 360 at the time, it may not have even been played at all.

The Pleasure

Sometimes dumb and repetitive is exactly what you need. Not being challenged on any level whatsoever, mentally or physically, was a welcome break for a while and I found playing through it to be quite therapeutic in a somewhat strange and twisted sense. The sparse and open levels complemented this sense of strangely comforting monotony and the heavy eastern influence added to the feel of it being a break from the normal hustle and bustle of daily life and gaming. The non-existent plot, ridiculous characters and insane boss battles were merely the icing on this mind-numbingly pleasant journey. And the overly-generous Gamerscore was a welcome relief too. I still find myself thinking of it quite regularly six years on – must’ve been something in the water…

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  1. That looks like a load of old shit- and yet really good at the same time!

  2. Eeeeexactly 🙂

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