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Guilty Pleasures : Ax Battler

Cart: Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe
Cab: Game Gear
Coin: Aspect

The Pain

This tiny, forgotten release for the Sega Game Gear – a spin-off starring Ax Battler from the Golden Axe series – was slaughtered by the critics due to the slow and difficult combat, lightweight RPG elements and awkward password save system.

The Pleasure

This game was actually pretty similar to Zelda II, with side-on combat sections and a top down world map. And although the save system was indeed extremely awkward, the game was very addictive with good music and a real sense of improving your character as you went along. It didn’t take very long to finish it once you’d figured out where to use the quest items, but it is one of those games that you just can’t help but love, with the 2D graphics looking wonderfully blocky on the Game Gear’s screen.

Just listening to the ancient music and effects brings back memories of the early 1990’s, hunched over my precious Game Gear, waiting for the batteries to die…

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  1. Man I loved my Game Gear!

    • Luke Martin VA The screen was so, so awful but it actually gave the machine a beautiful look. Loved mine.

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