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Guilty Pleasure : Cosmic Spacehead

Cart: Cosmic Spacehead
Cab: Game Gear
Coin: Codemasters

This old Codemasters game was created to be a kind of ‘graphic adventure for kids’, and got absolutely slaughtered by critics when it was released, didn’t do very well at retail, and didn’t pick up any kind of following whatsoever.

Yet, I really loved it. It plays a lot like a Dizzy, but set in space and with a really weird cursor based control system, and the platforming sections are super floaty, yet addictive. The fetching and carrying quests are tame, and not too difficult, even on the first play through. Perhaps it was the Jetsons vibe, or the lovely pixel art, or the wide variations in what you are doing, but I found it eminently playable and strangely addictive.

It may never find anyone else who could possibly love it like I do, but Cosmic Spacehead will always have at least one fan here at VoxelArcade.

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  1. What an absolutely legendary game. This is one of the few childhood games I did not manage to complete. I seem to remember a mini-game involving go-kart’s or something.

  2. That music’s making me want to murder something!!!

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