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Great Game Intros : Splinter Cell

Cart: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
Cab: Xbox / GameCube / PS2 / PC / Mac
Coin: Ubisoft Montreal

It had been three years since Metal Gear Solid 2 and two years since Thief 2: the world was crying out for a great stealth game.

After a string of hits with the Rainbow 6 franchise and a consummate first-impression with Ghost Recon, Ubisoft were quick to add a third weapon to their Clancy arsenal whilst creating one of the most iconic video-game characters of our time in the process. Whereas Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon had focused on teams of largely nondescript heroes and villains, Splinter Cell was arguably the first Tom Clancy game to put you in the shoes of a character that you cared about amidst a plot that you could actually engage with.

Visually and aurally stunning; dripping with amazing gadgets and an original, delicious blend of stealth and action: Splinter Cell was basically cool as f**k.

As was its intro.

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  1. I remember thinking this is the game I had wanted the original Metal Gear Solid to have been, back on the PSOne

  2. One of those rare games that the moment I finished it, I did it all again!

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