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Great Game Intros : Gods

Cart: Gods
Cab: Amiga / Atari ST / MegaDrive / SNES
Coin: Bitmap Brothers

Yes, I accept that I have gone overboard with features about Amiga games of late, but I just had to squeeze this one in. Gods is a classic from The Bitmap Brothers that was ported to quite a few platforms, but was at its best on the Amiga.

Now, I may be taking a bit of a liberty by including this in the intro section of the site, as there really isn’t a lot going on here graphically, aside from a couple of screens, transitions and some text, although the style of the images still stands out. No, this intro is all about the fantastic music.

What you have to realise is that most games just didn’t have original music of this quality at the time, and I can well remember booting the game up time and again just to listen to this, and although I do have to admit that the sound quality doesn’t quite match up with what I remember, this is still really good fun. Have a listen below, the song is ‘Into the Wonderful’, by Nation XII and was rearranged for Amiga by Richard Joseph.

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  1. I’ll match Gods and raise you Xenon 2 Megablast – now THAT was a tune!!

    • @Luke Martin VA Yes loved that tune, been years since I last heard it!

  2. All hail the Bitmap Brothers – and Psygnosis seeing as we’re at it

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