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Great Game Intros : Dead Space 2

Cart: Dead Space 2
Cab: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC
Coin: Visceral Games

Whilst Dead Space was an accomplished and exciting new IP, it was its stunning sequel that went beyond merely ticking boxes, elevating the franchise to AAA blockbuster heights. And as we wait with baited breath to see how Dead Space 3 handles the weight of expectation that now hangs over it, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on one of the most gripping aspects of DS2: its intro.

Both expertly crafted recap to the uninitiated and gripping yarn to the converted, DS2’s intro borrowed the absolute best of the mediums and genres it had modelled itself upon. But more than mere collage, it crafted them into an unsettling experience that no other medium could possibly have achieved.

Perhaps the single most terrifying work of fiction that I have ever experienced is the moment that sees Isaac’s dead fiancé drift unnervingly from background image, to in-scene character, to the shocking apparition poised horrifically upon the table in front of you. I was left with heart-pounding and fingers mashing hopelessly at the pad gripped in my sweaty palms, thinking that if I could just do something; anything, that she would be gone.

A triumphant horror masterclass; as was the game itself.

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  1. The first one where you have to peg it from the beasties unarmed was pretty panicky

  2. Aye, it was – a franchise littered with squeaky-bum moments!!

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