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Great Game Intros : Bioshock

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I may have been a little harsh on the old Bioshock in my most recent Lost In Translation article. Then again, there’s grounds for criticism in every game: all it takes is for enough of those niggles to mount-up to break the illusion.

But whatever my reservations about the game, there’s one element that impressed me not only the first time but absolutely every time that I experienced it thereafter: the intro.

There’s no denying that Rapture is perhaps the most original and inventive setting that’s ever been used in a game and that Ken Levine and his team made excellent use of it. Even with an iconic range of characters including Big Daddys, Little Sisters and Andrew Ryan himself, Rapture was arguably the greatest character in the game, period. Just the very name rolls of the tongue in a delightfully Art-Deco-esque manner. Speaking of which: if you’re a fan of art and design, there is much to admire in the details of this beautiful and wonderfully imagined dystopia. From the architecture to the interior design, posters and music: Rapture has it all.

Setting up narrative elements in a covert and deftly-handled manner and leaving you slack-jawed in wonder as Rapture looms into view for the very first time: this is every inch a truly great intro.

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  1. Yes, this is the most memorable opening sequence of recent times, really set the game up brilliantly

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