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Great Game Intros : XIII

Cart: XIII
Cab: Xbox / PS2 / GameCube / PC
Coin: Ubisoft Paris

Right. I’m proper bored of all this Xbox One stuff now. Mostly because, y’know, there wasn’t really anything meaningful said about GAMES.

So – what better way to break the corporate monotony than by looking back at a classic, erm, Xbox 1 title: X111.

Sexy as hell, rooted in genuine comic-book heritage and riddled with more espionage, twists and turns than a heated bingo-night in Doncaster; X111 was a stunning-looking game that never quite lived-up to the hype. Once you’d peeled past the sumptuous visuals and the oh-so-Parisian flavour, what you were left with was a pretty average FPS. At best. Which was a real shame, because the intro did a superb job of making you feel more than a little bit excited about what was to come.

Rather the opposite of the Xbox One reveal, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. I remember the feeling of excitement generated by the intro slowly dripping away with each hour of gameplay

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