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Great Game Intros : Wipeout

Cart: Wipeout
Cab: PS1
Coin: Psygnosis

We’re pretty fond of classic game intros here at VoxelArcade.

Yet as much as contemporary examples can set the scene with aplomb, they don’t quite have the same impact as those of yesteryear. Why? Because game intros of old usually displayed a level of graphical fidelity so far beyond what gameplay of the day was capable of that, for a brief moment, it felt as though you’d stepped into a time machine to glimpse what the future may hold.

I really do miss that.

One of the greatest of these ‘wow’ moments for me was the intro to Psygnosis’ sublime 1995 masterpiece, Wipeout. Although it might not look like much today, this was a mind-blowing leap for its time and arguably drove more early sales of the iconic PS1 than anything else.┬áSeriously:┬áthis is an into that forced me and my mates to restart the machine several times just to watch it again! Powerful, 3D graphics on your bedroom TV was a complete revelation and Hollywood-level CGI for the game intro was simply the icing on the cake.

Oh, and the game was pretty damned amazing too – although perhaps blowing my entire student loan on a PS1 and every available launch title wasn’t the smartest move that I’ve ever made! On the other hand…

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  1. I used to play this just to listen to the music

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