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Great Game Intros : Super Mario 64

Cart: Super Mario 64
Cab: Nintendo 64
Coin: Nintendo EAD

We have featured a lot of introduction sequences for all kinds of games and for all kinds of reasons here in the arcade. However, Super Mario 64 has its intro sequence included for perhaps the most important reason yet.

It wasnt just an intro to a game, but an intro to a new generation of gaming, one that we are essentially still in today.

The transition from 2D gaming to 3D console gaming was introduced by a sweeping camera carried by a Lakitu that flew around the outside of Princess Peach’s castle and then, brilliantly, let us take control of Mario, stepping into this brave new world for the first time.

For gamers brought up with 3D games, it may be hard to see what the fuss was about, but to console gamers who had dreamed of seeing Mario walk into his worlds for so long, it was nothing short of a revelation.

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