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Great Game Intros : Stardust

Cart: Stardust
Cab: Amiga
Coin: Bloodhouse

PlayStation 3 and Vita gamers may not realise this, but there were Stardust games long before even the PlayStation One arrived. While the ‘HD’ sequels were pure twin stick shooters, of the highest order it must be said, the originals were far more like an advanced version of Asteroids.

The original is responsible for one of my first ‘wow’ moments in gaming. That raytraced starship that zooms past the camera in the intro? In the days where mode 7 scrolling was still impressing everyone on the SNES, we had never seen anything like it, and it was all the more stunning as it was completely unexpected.

The only thing to match up to it within the game, graphically, was the stunning tunnel sequences which went far beyond anything else available at the time. They were achieved (apparently) with a trick from the humble Deluxe Paint.

Still, that flyby may not look like much today, but to two kids in a darkened bedroom in 1993? Magic.

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