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Great Game Intros : Metal Gear Solid

Cart: Metal Gear Solid
Cab: PlayStation
Coin: Konami

Metal Gear Solid was the first of the modern, 3D Metal Gear games, and its introduction sequence was unlike anything yet seen. It was like playing through the opening credits to a Bond movie, as you watched Snake sneak into the enemy base underwater, then took control of him in this playable sequence, which was one of the defining moments of the original PlayStation.

It may look blocky now, and the acting and script set a level of hokey-ness that the rest of the series has yet to shake off, but at the time, it was an amazing sequence to play through, especially as you were about to enter a playground full of espionage and innovation.

Check it out below:

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  1. How you doing! Nice little site you have here! I found you via Blog Engage! I never found another site on the web kinda like mine. I like it! and Oh yeah MGS just ROCKS! – Scott Criaghead

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