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Great Game Intros : Mega Man 2

Cart: Mega Man 2
Cab: NES
Coin: Capcom

Ah, the Mega Man 2 intro. It is hard to believe that, after so many Great Game Intros articles, we have never included the incredible Mega Man 2 for the NES. The game itself was utterly brilliant, with tight but hard as nails gameplay mixed with a choice based structure and beautiful graphics.

The intro is fairly bog standard in many ways. It tells a simple story with text, while the camera moves vertically up a tall building until the title is displayed along the top where we find a helmetless Mega Man waiting to start the game.

What made it stand long in the memory was the incredible music which moves up a pace in perfect timing with the end of the ascent to the top of the skyscraper. Then, in a moment that many would boot the game up just to watch time and time again, Mega Man’s helmet appears and he teleports off when you press the start button, with the music instantly dropping off. It was and still is, awesome.

Check it out below:

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  1. these game consoles are really incredible – no surprise that new homebrew development teams like MojonTwins, released 2 games for NES recently, “Sir Ababol” and “Sgt. Helmet Training Day” – and “Malaria” from PlayPower team is also very interesting! (sad that i’m not skilled enough on coding in 6502 assembly, or using C compilers, for coding for that as well)

  2. I think it is brilliant that homebrewers are still making games for these old consoles. Love some of the Jaguar and CD32 projects over the years

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