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Great Game Intros : Gunship 2000

Cart: Gunship
Cab: Amigia / Atari ST /PC / CD32
Coin: MicroProse

Gunship 2000 was one of the very best helicopter sims around when it launched for Amiga, PC and CD32. It actually still holds up well today, with a lovely mix of popping up from behind hills and launching missiles from miles away, and strafing around tanks and installations in more intimate encounters.

However, we are only interested in the CD version’s introduction sequence, which gave gamers a glimpse of the future. The sequence my not win any awards for creativity, but the visuals were top-notch with a cinematic feel that very few games of the time could have possibly provided.

Like a few other games on CD32 and PC-CD in the same era, it felt like the developer was telling us, ‘If we had the tech, this is what we could bring you in real time’.

Take a look.

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