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Great Game Intros : Frontier : Elite II

Cart: Frontier: Elite II
Cab: Amiga, PC, CD32
Coin: David Braben

Frontier: Elite II is something of a special game, and we will be covering it a bit more with another couple of articles in the near future, but I thought we should start at the begining, with its fantastic introduction sequence.

Frontier features a mind bogglingly large universe to explore, with plenty to see and do, with an astonishing level of depth, but it also has some decent space combat. This is more sim-like combat than the arcade-stlye feel that Elite had, so you could expect to rotate your ship on every axis, much like a turret, as you fly along at a couple of million miles an hour.

It was different, but interesting, and the intro featured some slower ship to ship combat. Was all of this actually possible in the game? I don’t see why not, as you are pretty much allowed to do as you please in the game, although I would guess that most pilots would have destroyed the two craft right after leaving the initial planet.

The music, scale and sheer direction of the intro is impressive, so much so that someone has even remade it with a more modern feel.

Check out the original, and its remake, below:

Take a look at our survivor’s guide to Frontier: Elite II here.

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