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Xbox One : The Reveal

The Xbox One Reveal took place today at 6pm (UK time), here are the interesting things announced today!

“You and your TV are going to have a relationship.” – Interesting start.

“Where all of your entertainment comes alive in one place.” – Sounds like what we are expecting in terms of integration, both with apps and Kinect.

“Design and build an all-in-one system” – Very IKEA ...

Xbox One. The name revealed. The system looks like a shiny boxy SKY device. With a proper d-pad!

“The All In One Experience” Talking about it connecting with other living room devices.

New Forza to be announced.

Switching between gaming, TV and music with almost instant voice commands and hand gestures, that looks impressive. Kinect suddenly seems useful.

Multi screening on one device, nice.

Smart glass allows you to interact with the system.

This feels like a combination of Siri style features with full TV services. If they pull this off, it might be the first integrated console ever to have mass appeal.


The System – 8 core CPU, near silent operation, USB 3.0, combining xbox dashboard and Windows architecture, Kinect (1080p) included as expected. Feedback directly into the trigger buttons, better dpad.

‘Kinect can read your heartbeat’ What?!

New Xbox Live – Content stored in cloud, saves, music, movies. Intelligent TV, Skype. Can DVR game footage and upload to cloud. Achievements more dynamic – stories of what you’ve done.

EA – Broad partnership between EA and Microsoft. FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live and UFC, all powered by the new Ignite engine. “Ten times more animation depth and detail.” Daily stream that affects the game as you play via Xbox Live. Exclusive content for Fifa 14 Ultimate Team, only on xbox (we presume the Ultimate team bit).

Microsoft Studios – Forza Motorsport 5, a launch title. It looks impressive, but images aren’t in game. Plan to launch more than 15 exclusive games, of which 8 are new franchises.

Remedy – Quantum Break. Combining the worlds of gaming and television. ‘Time is the fire in which we burn.’

Halo – Live action Halo Television series, in partnership between Steven Spielberg and 343 Studios. That could be something brilliant, or possibly terrible.

Major NFL Tie-In – Exclusive content through Smart Glass and Kinect, for real time fantasy football updates and so on.

Launching around the world later in 2013.

World Premiere: Call of Duty: Ghosts – All DLC content will launch first on Xbox One. Stephen Gagan assisting on story. Brand new engine (as you would expect). Fluid dynamics, interactive smoke, fish that get out of your way! Dynamic maps, traps, door, creating new dynamics to levels. Increased character customisation. Still 60fps, low latency controls, hurrah! In engine, in game footage. The game certainly looks impressive, the level of detail is much higher than MW3.

Update: We have also heard since the announcement that Assassins Creed 4, Watchdogs and the new Thief title are confirmed for the Xbox One.

That’s it for now. Lot’s of games we all expected, but I think for the average gamer they will be a lot more exciting than those shown by Sony. I for one, am looking forward to the large range of exclusive and new IP titles due out, but we will have to wait for E3 to find out more!

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Rob is an advertising strategist and author of 'The Ad Pit' blog. Rob has been playing games for 25 years - which makes him feel very old. He used to have a victory ratio of 40:1 in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, but that was a long time ago! #dogyears

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  1. NO NO NO, they have shown what, ten seconds of game footage aside from Call of Duty, which apparently has mocapped dogs and fish that ‘move out of the way’.
    ALL about TV, Kinect, and the ability to watch TV using your Kinect. The fact that they didnot use the words ‘games console’, but ‘entertainment device’ is very telling.
    Awful, just awful. Sony showed so much more, and put games centre stage, and whatever you may think of Nintendo, it is still all about the games

    • Simon Burns Of course they did, I don’t think Microsoft have ever looked like doing anything else. I want a great games console more than anything, and I think they showed something with the potential to be one.
      The TV stuff looked interesting and actually very functional, rather than just being ANOTHER box. They focused on real functional uses for Kinect rather than stupid families waving their arms.
      They fixed the shitty dpad (wonder if they’ve licensed the Nintendo patent?), they showed Kinect as a nice bonus feature NOT the centrepiece, they showed 3-4 of the most anticipated games in the world, they showed an interesting new IP, and promised a range of new titles at E3 that will widen the scope beyond what we’ve seen here.
      For Microsoft that was a very focused and well aimed reveal.

  2. I wonder if I can ask for my hour back. Nothing surprised me at all in that conference….the best bit was the dog in Call of Duty, or Call of Dog, which I will be calling it from now on.

    • Sam Hewitt There weren’t many surprises, but it still contained far more to interest me than the PS4 conference.

      • RobMortimerVA Sam Hewitt At least the PS4 conf showed some new games, even if you didn’t like the look of them. Sony spent 90% of the time explaining new PSN features, new games and well, game related stuff. Microsoft showed us all the franchises that will also be on PS4 and spent the other 95% + talking about the TV features.

        • Simon Burns RobMortimerVA Sam Hewitt If i remember correctly, wasn’t the PS4 convo 2 hours+? Whilst I do admit this conference was a borefest, it has got a lot of the ‘baggage’ out of the way.  
          At E3, there is no reason at all for it to not to be mainly focusing on the games.

    • Sam Hewitt Call of Duty, FIFA 14, etc: so disappointing I’m almost speechless. They show a new console and choose a bunch of third party games that will still be on the bloody 360.  They seriously don’t give a shit about games, its all about the set top box.

      • Simon Burns Sam Hewitt I think that’s harsh. They showed three of the most anticipated titles in the world. Plus stated there would be 15 exclusive titles, 8 of which were new IP’s, to be shown in just two weeks at E3.

        • RobMortimerVA Simon Burns Sam Hewitt The thing is, they showed three anticipated games, but as you already said, we anticipated it….we already knew it was coming. 
          We did not discover anything new about games at all. Fair enough we can talk about Quantum Break, but that was just FMV. The live action videos and gameplay was out when Mega CD arrived. Although saying that, I do love Remedy games.

  3. Looks like Battenberg for Goths …

  4. Put it this way- IF Microsoft gave two hoots for games anymore, they would have at least shown the Ubisoft games: they look amazing. As a misstep, it is the same as when Nintendo failed to show Bayonetta 2 at e3. Nintendo has the excuse that they don’t know their arse from their elbow. I think Microsoft just don’t care.

    • Simon Burns I imagine Sony had some kind of deal with Ubisoft, hence them not being revealed there.

  5. The apparent no backwards compatibility and charges for used games are very disappointing though, and have taken the edge off my interest.

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