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Splinter Cell Blacklist Central

The wait is almost over, Voxelites! So why not indulge yourself once again in our bevy of Splinter Cell goodness!

One of the more enigmatic and menacing heroes of our time, Sam Fisher’s journey has been filled with twists, turns and surprises – consistently delivering a contemporary and bold flavour of stealth-action that no-one else has quite managed to capture. Borrowing heavily from the Metal Gear and Thief franchises; Splinter Cell has carved out its own niche in this unique market and has captured the imaginations of millions of fans in the process.

A franchise this rich in tradition and a title with this amount of expectation hanging over its shoulders is an ideal candidate for Central.

Let it begin.

Opinion : Wake Up, Wendy

Luke Martin takes a look at the stealth-genre to assess whether or not the latest efforts have really moved things forward. Second shadow to the right and straight on ’til morning?

Great Intros : Splinter Cell

It’s got to be super-cool being a lone-wolf-ninja-spy-dude, right? So what you need to really get you in the mood is a stonking intro sequence with some kick-ass music, yes? Well, as it happens…

Hindsight : Splinter Cell HD Trilogy

One of the most consistently good and original trilogies of all time or an over-rated relic from the past? Before you answer, word to the wise: Fisher’s stood right behind you.

Guilty Pleasures : Splinter Cell Essentials

The neglected runt of the Third Echelon litter by anyone’s measure, Essentials surely couldn’t offer anyone but the most hardened franchise fanatics any pleasure, could it? Probably not, as it happens; it’s just that Luke Martin happens to be a hardened franchise fanatic.

Opinion : Till Death Do Us Part

Early previews of Blacklist were met with a widespread sense of revulsion by even the gaming community in relation to the brutal violence it depicted. Does violence in games come in for unfair amount of scrutiny or are we right to tone it down?

Opinion : Behind The Masks

Think of heroes of the game development community and you think of dedicated, passionate young chaps glued to their screens for twelve hours a day, producing the masterpieces that we know and love. But what of the wave of influence that comes from those with little to no background in gaming? Without Tom Clancy and Michael Ironside, what would Splinter Cell actually be?

Splinter Cell Blacklist Review

Another franchise re-invention; a new lead-actor; brutal daylight attacks: has Sam Fisher finally become too far removed from his roots or is this a brave new world that we find ourselves in?

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  1. This is the first Splinter Cell in quite some time that I am really looking forward to

    • Simon Burns I’m really looking forward to writing these articles! And yes, I do need to get out more often 😉

    • I just went out and bought Splinter Cell Double Agent…that game had some serious, serious problems. It was almost unplayable and felt nothing like the Splinter Cell I know. – Scott Craighead

      • Lets hope this one retains the feel of the originals


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