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E3 2013 : Sony’s Live Video Stream HD

Watch the full Sony e3 press conference right here on VoxelArcade, in HD!

Sony are expected to focus on games for its forthcoming PS4 console, but expect a few PS3 games to get a mention, as well as some bits and pieces for the Vita.

Check out the stream below, which will go properly live the moment the conference starts.


Update! The conference is now finished, but here is the whole thing again for you. Just skip to around 36 minutes in.

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  1. The next generation battle was surely won in five minutes there. The true delight of the audience was inescapable.

  2. I almost cried when I saw Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV. PS3 did not excite me at all in this current generation, but PS4 has already shown me enough to think to myself “that is going to be my next console purchase.” Well done Sony, you didn’t succumb to greed like Microsoft.

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