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PS4 : I Believe In Miracles

Recently, I bemoaned the lack of exciting peripherals on the horizon, laying out a Blueprint in the hope that, in the not too distant future, something special would come along.

I think that it just did.

Whilst a little smaller and more traditional than I might have hoped for, the Dual Shock 4 looks as though it might just steal the crown of ‘Best Controller’ back from Microsoft, who have arguably held it this long, last generation.

Whilst initially underwhelmed by a design that seemed to be trying to be all things to all people, the more I look at this, the more I’m just desperate to get my hands on it.

Not sure a controller has ever made me feel like that before, well not since perhaps the N64?

Curvaceous, confident and, dare I say, beautifully brash, the DS4 looks to include much more precise motion controls than the DS3 SIXAXIS did with a Move-esque light built into the front that will not only communicate with the bundled PS4-Eye but will use colours to communicate in-game stats. For example: red could equal low health, or a pulsating light might mean that an enemy is close.

Dual Shock 4 Screenshot

Am I the only one that’s reminded of a Corvette?

Were all that not tantalising enough for action-heads such as myself longing for a touch more precision in the heat-of-battle, the front facing touchpad offers a range of interesting possibilities for ever more precise and refined movements. Perhaps it could replace the right thumbstick entirely for some games or could at least be used for fine-tuning sniper shots or grenade throws? Maybe a swift brush of the thumb could be a stick-shift or a means by which to solve physics or logic-based puzzles and QTEs in an increasingly intuitive and natural manner. Would it even be big enough to represent a QWERTY keyboard?

And a headphone socket?! Could this, in my wildest dreams, allow playback of the the full-game audio?! If so: praise the lord! No more ridiculous cables trailing across the floor!

The possibilities are quite exciting and even more so when you consider how these new features will be incorporated into the existing strengths of the Dual Shock lineage. The triggers look far better than the DS3’s frankly awful undercut ones and the whole thing just screams good, solid ergonomic design.

It will be fascinating to see what Microsoft bring to the table after what has widely been called as a near flawless reveal of the PS4 and its bundled peripherals.

Exciting times, Voxelites; exciting times…

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  1. The rear touchpad on the Vita really really worked for doing miniscule aiming when sniping etc, so the touchpad on the front of this could be awesome.

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