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Hindsight : Dirt Showdown

Cart: Dirt Showdown
Cab: PS3 / Xbox 360 / PS3
Coin: Codemasters

Have you even been on a supposedly quiet night out to the local, only to bump into some unhinged friend from your seedy past that leads you on a merry dance via every unsavoury joint in the neighbourhood – and beyond? Have you ever sat bored to tears at a wedding, only to find yourself on the dance-floor late into the evening with a young bridesmaid on one arm and a bottle of champagne in the other? Or perhaps just woken up in a pool of your own vomit whilst clutching the base of the toilet like the underbelly of a giant eagle carrying you over the deadly desert?

More importantly: do you remember the hollow feelings of regret and guilt that dominate your thoughts for the entire day after?¬†Good, because that’s Dirt Showdown – and it’s the exact reason it’s filth should be applauded.


This = Divorce

Ripping up the rulebook of morality and burning every accepted driving genre sensibility in the process; Showdown is to Dirt what Blood Dragon is to Far Cry. And it doesn’t give a shit what you think about it. You get the feeling that the boys at Codemasters were given the green-light to just go and have some fun after slogging away on the oh-so-carefully-measured experiences of F1, Grid and Dirt and were given the week off to indulge themselves in every sin imaginable. Then put it on wheels.

Ripping the heart out of Destruction Derby and dressing it up in the skin of Twisted Metal is no mean feat, and whilst it’s easy to get carried away with Showdown’s F.U. mentality, it’s equally easy to overlook the skill involved in pulling it all off. Events range from destruction to carnage and back to carefully managed insanity in a rip-roaring ride that’s guaranteed to make you realise how seriously you’ve been taking life. The handling model, options and general mechanics of the game have all been parred-down from Dirt itself but in a deliberate and successful manner and with one simple goal in mind: irreverence.


This = Hangover

Given what it sets out to do – and taken in context with its ambitious stable-mates – Showdown is an unquestionable success.

But if there’s one thing that I could hold against it, it’s the Dirt moniker: such a bold and brazened endeavour warrants its own stable and forcing it into Dirt’s feels like a last-minute crisis of confidence on behalf of the Codies.

Here’s hoping that it’s mixed response and arguably muted sales won’t put it off from bedding-down with us once again.

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