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Guilty Pleasures : Wet

Cart: Wet
Cab: PS3 / Xbox 360
Coin: Behaviour Interactive

Rubi Malone. Now there’s a bad-ass name if there ever was one. You get the feeling that the local mob-boss had a daughter by accident and raised her to be his ruthless son instead. Which isn’t so far from the truth in Rubi’s case.

A ‘problem solver’, Rubi’s bloody quest begins by stealing and delivering a beating heart in a briefcase to a dying man in hospital. And it just gets more insane from there on in.

Borrowing shamelessly and extensively from the depths of Grindhouse to the kitsch of Spaghetti Western and the insanity of 70’s Kung-Fu, Wet somehow manages to hold it all together with more charm and bravado than most can muster. Sure, it’s rough as hell around the edges, completely amoral and mechanically unambitious on almost every level – but that just plays to the whole ‘FU’ aesthetic of the game more than it does detract from it.

A deeply guilty pleasure.

And what would Ruby add to the debate about the representation of women in games? Probably a sword. And a bullet.

To the head.

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