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Guilty Pleasures : Peter Jackson’s King Kong – The Official Game Of The Movie

Cart: Peter Jackson’s King Kong – The Official Game of the Movie
Cab: PS2 / GameCube / Xbox 360 / PC
Coin: Ubisoft

That’s quite a title, wouldn’t you say? I mean, what was wrong with just ‘King Kong’? Seriously: was there anyone around at the time that didn’t realise that Peter ‘my precious’ Jackson was directing the over-bloated CGI-fest that was King Kong? It was a bold attempt, mind you, at making us actually give a shit about the big ape – but a flawed one nonetheless.

Let’s be clear: we only really watched it for one reason and one reason alone – to see a giant monkey beat the living crap out of a T-Rex.

Which is where the game comes in. Flipping between so-so FPS and banana-tastic giant monkey sections; this was a game less concerned with doing things well and more concerned with doing them nuts. And it worked. From the murky depths of Skull Island to the, erm, murky depths of New York city, Kong manages to smash and bash his way to the well-trodden path of Empire State martyrdom in pompous, gaudy and self-important fashion.

And therein lay perhaps one of the game’s overlooked strengths: the knowledge that you will ultimately die. Few games dare to embrace life’s one inescapable truth and yet Peter Jackson’s King Kong – The Official Game of the Movie, with it’s desperately corporate title, embraces it with open arms. Big, hairy, gorilla-like arms.

And watching Kong fend-off the planes that circle his inevitable doom atop the Empire State Building is also a strange metaphor for gaming today. Still: at least he took a few of the bastards with him, eh, Microsoft?

But the absolute best bit? For a few hours play, you could bag an insanely easy 1000 gamer-points.

I am shame.

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  1. I rented this, so enjoyed the 2 hours it took to finish it, but can see someone who paid £50 for it being a bit peeved

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