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Xbox One : Second Hand Games

Microsoft have confirmed that Xbox One owners will have to pay a fee to play any second-hand or pre-owned games on the new Xbox One.

Games for the Xbox One will all be subject to a mandatory install, which has the upside of letting users play games without needing to have the disc in the drive, but if you then want to sell the disc, or even lend it to a friend, that person will have to pay a fee, the cost of which is currently undisclosed, to get the game to work on the second Xbox One.

This could be the start of the end for the second-hand games market, although Sony and Nintendo do not appear to be doing the same with their offerings.

It was also announced that Xbox One will not be compatible with Xbox 360 games, and will not function at all without Kinect attached.

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  1. From a business point of view it makes a lot of sense. From a consumers point of view it is annoying. If the fee is not that big, everyone will just be passing their games around to each other , although am sure Microsoft have already counter-attacked that.

    • Sam Hewitt It only makes business sense if they switch to an exclusive download marketplace.
      Trade-ins are a huge driver of new game sales (what percentage of people who buy FIFA every year trade it in? I’d bet in the high 90’s), they help attract the casual market (which MS desperately wants), and they encourage people to try new series and take more risks with their games (I.e.: Buy more).

      Take used games away and new game sales drop, the console is less attractive to the mainstream, less attractive to families with kids, people buy less, and the stores that sell games all go bust.

  2. Just. Wow.

  3. Why do I get the feeling that XB1 is going to make Win8 look like a roaring success … ?

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