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Talk about next-gen consoles is always a marmite affair: you’re either hyped-up like a teen on Pepsi … or you just don’t give a shit. Yet.

Me? I’ve drifted into the second camp over the last few months, but what’s worrying more than my lack of mojo is the release-schedule for current-gen consoles. Ignoring the teen-dream headline military shooters for a minute, what you’re left with is a couple of genuinely decent kids games in Lego Marvel and Skylanders; a beautifully shot series of banal QTE’s in the form of Beyond: Two Souls; yet another Batman game based on an identikit template; the wild sterility of Gran Turismo 6 and an intriguing but potentially bland, style-over-substance, open-world romp in the form of Watch Dogs. Oh, and yet another identikit sequel in the form of Ubisoft’s finest cash-cow: Assassin’s Creed. Any hope of an intriguing reboot of Rainbow Six has been bumped back to the next-gen and Bungie’s mighty Destiny wont be with us until around Easter. By which time I’ll be back in camp-A and after a PS4. Still, at least the dead-man-walking Wii-U with its lone-ranger Zelda HD remake isn’t looking like a sore thumb anymore.

Cue celebration.

Seriously: am I missing something here?

OK, I know that developers will be re-grouping and re-focusing their efforts on the PS4 and XB1, but did anyone stop to think about what would keep those tens-of-millions of gamers busy before they jump-ship? Would there be much to sate their thirst even if they did? I don’t know about you, folks, but it’s looking like it’s tumbleweeds for Martin the foreseeable future.

What better time to dig-out a few old classics to keep the fires burning, eh?

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  1. Zelda is so gorgeous it should come with a warning

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