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Crysis 3 Central

The heavy-hitting, AAA FPS monster Crysis 3 stomps into view towards the back-end of this month.

Bring it.

What’s the big man been doing since Crysis 2 to whet our appetites? What new directions will renowned developers Crytek take under the auspicious guidance of the visionary, tech-obsessed director Cevat Yerli? And will we finally get a game that beats Turok for effective use of a bow?!

Check back here at VoxelArcade’s Crysis 3 Central to find answers to these questions and more!

Hindsight: Crysis 

Was the fabled system-killer ever really more than a graphical spunkfest than brainwashed an entire generation of spotty teenagers into pimping their rigs? And if so, how on earth did they get it to run on consoles?

Great Intros: Crysis 2

The Crysis 2 intro proves that being a Prophet is far from a thing of the past. It’s also one of our favourite Great Intros, bar none.

Opinion: Crysis 2: Alcatraz’s Nanosuit Emails 

If there’s one thing that the Crysis series does well, it’s affording you freedom in any given combat scenario. But which approach to choose? Death by cake or extreme kipper slap? Hmm. We secretly flick through Alcatraz’s nanosuit emails to see if we can learn a thing or two from the two-time winner of the coveted ‘Mr Spandex’ award.

Crysis 3 Review

Oh, go on then; if you insist.

Crysis 3 Central

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  1. Looking forward to this one 🙂

  2. After the stumbles with DS3 and Aliens, I’m hoping that this will be 2013’s first bona-fide classic

    • @Luke Martin VA I’m actually excited for the vs modes. Haven’t been interested in that for a long while, but that vid of someone taking out a plane with the bow…

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