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Blueprint : The Sensible Subtitle

VoxelArcade Blueprint #010

When was the last time you watched a film in your native tongue that had subtitles on by default?

Exactly: it never happens. Unless there’s a scene with someone speaking in a foreign language and the film-makers want you to know what’s being said, subtitles are off by default. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? Why on earth would there be an industry-wide obsession with automatically having them on? That would just be annoying and obstructive and ruin the storytelling.

Just like it does in games.

Seriously: why on earth has it become the de facto standard to have subtitles on by default? Almost every game that I play has the first cut-scene ruined by unwelcome blocks of text before I’m forced to hunt around in the settings to disable them. To add insult to injury: some developers put the subtitle option in the ‘Game’ settings and others in ‘Audio’ settings. Now that really does winds me up.

Hell, you even get the odd, crazy cowboy that dumps them in the ‘Graphics’ settings!

Sighing, Farting, Shitting

[ Speechless ]

And don’t even get me started on games that ask you to choose your nationality before hitting you with subtitles. That’s just plain sadistic!

So Blueprint #010 is quite straightforward, dear Voxelites: please, developers, just leave the bloody subtitles OFF!

[ Man finishes typing, displaying a sense of relief ] 

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  1. Agreed, this goes alongside ‘user created avatar’ as a quick way of taking you out the game and back to reality.

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