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Blueprint : The Borderlands Arms Race

VoxelArcade Blueprint # 001

I’ve logged well over 70 hours on Borderlands 2. It is a magnificent game with great writing and amazing characters. Hell, I even follow Claptrap on Twitter.

And the more I have played it and come to enjoy the range of weapons incorporated in the game, the more I have thought about just how much fun it would be to run your own arms company within the Borderlands universe. It could even become a fully-featured part of the next game in the series.

The concept is simple: an App or PC-based simulator that starts you off as a small company manufacturing guns, shields, grenades and so forth, which then become available to buy using the in-game currency via a marketplace. The idea would be similar to that of the tuning and custom design markets that were incorporated within Forza 3 and 4. You manage the features, design, styling and other elements of the weapons, choose a price to sell them for and the income you get from them can be used on in game-purchases. If you sell them too cheaply, you run out of cash and have to close the company and start again. A system whereby the in-game bots actually buy and use the marketplace weapons could further incorporate the two concepts and help manage the numbers of weapons and companies.

You can choose whether to churn out cheap guns, or go for expert quality with extremely high costs. Every single feature of the guns has a cost attached. Do you put the money into fast reloads, or into high accuracy? Do you spend money on upgrading the factory to produce better damage, or buy a big billboard in the game with your company name on?

You could even create a crazily styled range that make a fashion statement without being much good i.e. ‘Weapons by Dre’.

It’s a concept that might need some tweaking, but I think that it would make a really enjoyable mobile title to be played on-the-go and would create a really interesting new dynamic in the full game.

What is a Blueprint?

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  1. This does actually sound like something I would become obsessed with

    • @Simon Burns Especially if it carries over the wit and character of the Borderlands world.

  2. Doesn’t it just! Nice on Rob!

  3. Doesn’t it just! Nice one Rob!

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