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Blueprint : The Little Guys

VoxelArcade Blueprint #016

Apparently there’s a new GTA game out today?

I only know because the mainstream press is once again awash with despair and horror at the sick, twisted and morbid fantasies that are being played out in the minds and souls of ‘the youth’ up and down the country. Personally, I’m a little more perturbed by a culture that openly celebrates the likes of Zero Dark Thirty and Fifty Shades of Grey whilst chastising games in the same breath –  but then again I’m just another sick and twisted gamer, so what would I know?

It even seems as though the publishers of GTA are on the moan-wagon: apparently some naughty retailers have broken the release date of the game. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

Retailers are giving Rockstar the finger. Poetic justice?

Retailers are giving Rockstar the finger. Poetic justice?

On one hand, I can see Rockstar’s point: the date is there for a reason and it’s not exactly fair on those that can’t access an early copy. There’s perhaps even an argument that online components may still be spooling-up ahead of release day – and to suddenly find tens of thousands of players online might be like having a crew of pissheads turn-up five hours early to your birthday party. Which sounds like fun, if you ask me.

On the other: what’s all the fuss about? Seriously? So what if a few stores are out of the starting blocks early? It’s happened since the dawn of gaming and, so far as I’m aware, we’ve all still got a pulse. OK, perhaps it gives those naughty few stores an unfair advantage over the completion; I certainly used to make the effort to drive the extra mile to a small independent retailer who would gladly break release dates by as much as he could, claiming that it was the only edge that he had left.

Which kind of makes you wonder: why isn’t anyone thinking of the little guy anymore? In fact, why not celebrate and embrace early releases for small, independent stores? Why can’t the likes of Rockstar, EA and Ubisoft reach-out to this dying breed and give them an endorsed boost over the faceless multinationals that loom over them like the grim reaper?

It’d be one hell of a PR stunt for whoever makes the (ironic) first move.

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  1. Would be nice, but faceless corporations are like birds of a feather

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