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Blueprint : An Introduction

Whilst thinking long and hard in Voxel Tower about what forward-thinking features we could introduce to complement our existing range of retro articles, we happened upon the somewhat radical idea of putting our necks out and writing detailed pieces that outline what we’d like to see in games that haven’t yet even been created.

Perhaps there’s a niche that’s not yet been identified or fully explored? Perhaps there’s a genre crossover that’s in need of bridging? Maybe what we really need is a piece of hardware that doesn’t yet exist? Is there a technological development that would lend itself to the world of gaming? Did we overlook something along that way that would transform the world of a gaming? Or maybe the style and tone of an existing game was just ever so slightly off? And could it perhaps be that there is still some IP out there in other creative mediums that’s simply crying out for a transition into the gaming universe?

A critic generally does what is says on the tin; at Voxel Arcade we believe that it takes a little bit more thought and creativity to suggest how things could be fixed, improved upon or evolve.

That’s what we aim to do here in Blueprint: wish us luck!

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  1. Sounds a great idea, I’ll keep watching!

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