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Arguably the most anticpated title on the home-stretch of this sixth-generation of consoles is Ken Levine’s Bioshock Infinite.

In many respects the true sequel to his 2007 masterpiece, Bioshock Infinite eschews the current trend of milking familiarity for all it’s worth and is a radical departure from the grim, dank, beauty of Rapture. The floating city of  Columbia may be set in the same universe, but couldn’t be more different in terms of style and tone. With tantalising additions such as rifts in the time-space continuum, it will be utterly fascinating to see how Levine weaves one of his hallmark yarns into the experience.

Join us over the coming weeks as we build-up to the March 26th launch, would you kindly?

Lost in Translation :  Bioshock

A glorious setting, fascinating story, original and diverse mechanics and rave reviews: what could possibly go wrong?

Great Intros: Bioshock

Bioshock may have divided the opinions of some but there’s one thing that everyone agreed upon: it had a stunning introduction.

Hindsight: Bioshock 2

How could anyone possibly build upon the dizzy heights of Bioshock, especially without the input of its creator?!

Bioshock Infinite Review

With the big man back at the helm and six years of breathing space to re-mix the magical formula, expectations are as high as the city of Columbia itself. Fingers crossed, Voxelites.

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