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Add VoxelArcade To iPhone & iPad

VoxelArcade is a responsive site.

This means that it changes its layout depending on the display screensize – and we have a lovely layout for iPhone that looks like it’s a native app. It also looks rather dashing on the larger screen of the iPad. You can now add us now, to your homescreen, with a swish little icon that makes it look just like an App you downloaded from the App Store – but without using any space on your iOS device.

Fear not, Android and Windows Phone owners: our site scales-down no matter what size screen you are using. But for iOS users, here are the instructions for adding the site to your homescreen and getting it to look just like an App.

First of all, in Safari, navigate to our homepage and press the ‘add to’ arrow, highlighted here at the bottom of the screenshot:

Voxel iPhone Screen 1

Then, wait a couple of seconds for the icon to appear in the middle, and press it:

Voxel iPhone Screen 2

The name is automatically filled out, so simply touch ‘add’:

Voxel iPhone Screen 3

Then, you have a lovely icon pointing to our sexy mobile site, which is faster than many apps! Enjoy!

Voxel iPhone Screen 4


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