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Let's Talk Video Games

About VoxelArcade

Let’s Talk Video Games. 

VoxelArcade is a response to the sycophantic video game industry and video game journalism in particular.

We were fed-up of seeing so-called ‘journalists’ given free gifts and taken on free trips by PR departments before seeing incremental franchise updates receive glowing ‘numbers’. Is it really possible to honestly review a game whilst at an event arranged by the publisher of the game? We don’t think it is. Could a music critic review an album while the artist is sitting in the chair opposite them? No, of course not.

So we began looking for a site that did things differently.

We wanted to find something that wasn’t a garish, childish mess. We wanted a video game site that was a little more reserved in its design whilst being more critical and honest in its approach. And we couldn’t find anything that ticked all of the right boxes. So we decided to create our own. A video game site designed for adults, by adults.

Our writers are not reined-in by an editorial ‘mission’ or afraid of upsetting advertisers. They can write what they want to write, supported and liberated by the fact that we don’t score our reviews. No scores, no expectations and an even greater degree of freedom. Our writers have been playing games since the ‘early days’ and look upon new titles with a healthy degree of scepticism. Who says that a jaded outlook is a bad thing?

If we think that the latest Call of Duty is terrible, we’ll tell you. But we’ll also let you know if the latest pixel-art-house title is a load of pretentious old tosh. And we certainly won’t be scared of upsetting a bedroom programmer. In fact, we would probably enjoy it.

We’re not the site to come to if you want the latest gaming news. Why? Because gaming ‘news’ is actually just a pre-fabricated merry-go-round of recycled press releases and timely ‘leaks’. We will, however, let you know what we think of the news, such as it is.

So,VoxelArcade: a place to come to if you are fed up with a score-obsessed industry and journalists hiding their integrity in the shadows of publishers. A fresh start for video game coverage: VoxelArcade is the site you have been waiting for.

Simon Burns, Editor



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Editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. Favourite games: Uridium 2, Frontier: Elite II, Sensible World of Soccer, Far Cry 3, Zelda: Ocarina, Metroid Prime, Solar Quest, F-Zero GX, Monkey Island 2 and Tetris.

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  1. Is there a way to play cybermorph on line?


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